Robin and the Retros

Robin and the Retrose a premier Florida dance band made up of the finest national professional

musicians/entertainers who have settled in beautiful

Sarasota. What makes this such a fun show?

Feeling the energy as you watch

these professional entertainers re-live the music,

dance and culture that got them started in their life

long careers in music and entertainment.

Robin will lead you through the days of early British invasion music to the soulful Motown era to the groovy psychedelic rock era and finally the 80’s dance hits era. It’s an exciting, passionate, danceable show. Add all top danceable retro hits, period costumes, groovy laser lights, high energy music, entertaining choreography with their go-go dancers (The Robinettes)  and you will be delightfully transformed to the most colorful decades ever.

Not to be missed!



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