The Land Sharks

Are you afraid of having too much fun? Then watch out for The Landsharks!  As one of the most well-known, well-liked and in-demand bands in the country, they have also performed throughout the world in thousands of concerts and shows! The Landsharks have played with Jimmy Buffett, in concert, and at  Margaritaville. The Landsharks have performed at THE SUPER BOWL, several times! The Landsharks have performed in Disney, at over 100 performances, and were the “House Band” at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, at Universal Studios, for 2 years. The Landsharks have also played overseas, for the Troops, many times!
Besides being one of the most popular bands of it’s kind, The Landsharks also play thousands of other songs from many other styles of music. The Landsharks have played at many concerts, conventions, festivals, parties, and other events, all around the world!  They’re a fun and interactive band that is very entertaining and knows how to get a crowd going. They are excellent musicians, who are also great showmen.
The Landsharks are one of the most popular tribute bands, in the world. The Landsharks Band plays TWO tribute shows: A Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band show, and also, a Beach Boys Tribute Band show. They are internationally known as the premier Jimmy Buffett Tribute, and also the premier Beach Boys Tribute show, in the world.  The Landsharks have played, in concert with both of their tribute artists!…..The Landsharks have played with, backed up, and also, opened up for, Jimmy Buffett, in Concert, and also, at Margaritaville. And The Landsharks have also opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert, most recently, in their home state of Florida!   Jimmy Buffett liked the Landsharks so much, that he hired them, ON THE SPOT, to be the house band at his brand-new Margaritaville Cafe, at Universal Studios, inside the CityWalk entertainment complex, in Orlando, Florida, where The Landsharks were the house band for two years! The Landsharks still perform at Margaritaville, most recently, in Key West!
But The Landsharks can play more than just a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band and a Beach Boys Tribute Band……The Landsharks are very experienced, talented musicians that can play a huge songlist of many different styles of music, including most of your popular favorites. The Band travels the world, and plays at events, everywhere!

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