Acts of the Word – Bible


Performing “ACTS Of the Word”

 Genesis: Two 30-minute acts:

 Act 1 –   Creation through the fall of Babel (chap. 1-11)    Act II – The Story of Abraham (chapters 12-22)

  John’s Gospel: Two 45-minute acts

Act 1 – The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry (chap. 1-10)

 Act II – The Passion Narrative (chapters 11-20)

 Revelation: Two 45-minute acts

Act 1 – John’s Vision in Heaven (chapters 1-11)

Act II – The Anti-Christ and the Return of Jesus (chap. 12-22)



     Marquis Laughlin

      is a performance artist  whose performances enable

       audiences to hear, see, and feel the God of the Bible,

       through the words of the Bible.

       His uniquely compelling dramatic solo Scripture

       presentations include seven books of the Bible

       highlighting the epic story of God’s relationship with

       man – Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel,

       John’s Gospel, Acts of the Apostles and Revelation.

       Marquis has thrilled audiences at venues such as

       theaters, conferences and churches, and his one-man

       shows have been presented world-wide.

       He is also the producer and host of the nationally

       syndicated radio talk show and social media

       platform, “The Moral Dilemma,” currently

       airing on over 200 stations.  As a World Vision Artist,

       his live presentations of the Scriptures are dedicated

       to bringing relief to the poor.

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